What do you mean by Bullets and Numbering? Write about different types of bullets and numbering options based on latest version of Ms Word.

Answer: Bullets and Numbering the feature of MS  Word used for creating list in documents. There are 3 types of listing in ms Word.

  1. Bullet List:

It provides list of symbols that can be used  before each list item while creating list.


  • Item one
  • Item two
  • Item Three
  1. Numbering List:

It provides different numbering options for listing. Numbered list can be created with hindu-arabic numbers.(1,2,3)  alphabet(a.b.c) and roman number ( I, II,III).

  1. Multilevel List:
    1. It is used to create list with different level. Using Multiple list we can created sub list. Tab key is used to get sub number and shift + Tab key is used to return to main level again.